ADP Shares Six Ways to Celebrate Pride Month

ADP ranked No. 15 on the Fair360 2023 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list.


ADP’s Lacey Ross-Prouty, Director of Internal Communications and co-chair of the Pride business resource group (BRG), has shared six ways to celebrate Pride Month this June.

“Establishing a theme is important. You can weave it through your events and make it unique to your organization and LGBTQ+ workforce. Use this recommendation and our BRG’s activities to inspire your agenda. We hope these event ideas are helpful, and remember, as you plan, work with experts and your LGBTQ+ workforce every step of the way,” Ross-Prouty said.

Here are her suggestions:

  1. Host or participate in a Pride Month parade
  2. Ask the LGBTQ+ community how to be supportive
  3. Host a panel about the “+” in LGBTQ+
  4. Host an allyship panel
  5. Offer learning opportunities about inclusive language
  6. Examine your business for inclusive and equitable policies, practices, products, services and communications

“Achieving true-to-life equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ people requires an intersectional understanding of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, veteran status and other categorizations,” said Giselle Mota, Chief of Product Inclusion at ADP. “During LGBTQ+ Pride Month and beyond, while it is necessary to acknowledge, respect and celebrate LGBTQ+ people, we must also ensure our policies, practices, products, services and communications welcome and accommodate their intersectional realities. This interconnected approach can help us become more intentional and purposeful about the work experiences we create.”