AIG’s Diversity & Inclusion Month Global Celebration

AIG’s Diversity & Inclusion Month Global Celebration

In recognition of Global Diversity & Inclusion Month in October, AIG’s global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) hosted a wide range of events underscoring the company’s commitment to promoting a welcoming culture that fosters a sense of belonging and professional growth.

The ERGs held more than 60 events around the world marking the occasion. The company has 142 ERGs in total, with participation from more than 11,000 employees in 37 countries. AIG’s global diversity and inclusion strategy encompasses the key areas of workforce, workplace, and marketplace.

Event Highlights

In Houston, the LGBT & Allies ERG hosted the “Houston Diversity Forum: 100 Years of Being Yourself at AIG.” In recognition of our Centennial and National Coming Out Day, the event focused on the importance of being our authentic selves at work.

In Kansas, employees sampled international dishes from Liberia, China, and Ecuador. The Black Professionals, Generations, and Women & Allies ERGs hosted the food-themed event, featuring a presentation about intercultural communication by Terri Easley-Giraldo, a professor of Communication Studies at Johnson County Community College.

In recognition of World Mental Health Day, the Human Resources team in Dublin, Ireland, hosted Niall Breslin, a former professional rugby player and award-winning musician who discussed his personal journey with mental health.

In honor of International Day of Sign Languages, the Hong Kong Different Ability ERG hosted a Sign Language Learning Series with sessions focused on everyday sign language and topics centered on interpersonal family relationships and living in Hong Kong.

London’s ERGs hosted eight events on an array of topics. The UK Working Families & Careers ERG hosted a wellness week to provide information about various employee work-life benefits.

The UK Gender Equality Matters ERG launched a yearlong program that will provide professional coaching to female middle managers. The group also hosted a networking event featuring a panel of female board members at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Participants shared their views about women’s empowerment and the challenges women face in the workplace.


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