AT&T Celebrates: Native American History Month

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Native Americans, their culture, history and heritage are an essential part of the fabric of our country, and at AT&T we are proud of the ways that our Native American employees strengthen our culture of inclusion and innovation. This month we are celebrating National Native American Heritage Month and celebrating the rich and diverse cultures, traditions and contributions of Native people. Throughout the course of the month, we’ll deepen our understanding of the contributions Native Americans have had on our daily lives.

AT&T is proud to support our Native American employees through its Inter-Tribal Council of AT&T Employees (ICAE) employee resource group (ERG).

  • ICAE brings together more than 2,500+ employees who have an interest in the Native American community and is committed to the cultural development, career advancement, education and general well-being of Native American communities, as well as Native American AT&T employees.
  • For more information on ICAE, click here






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