AT&T Uses AI to Support and Empower Employees

AT&T is a Fair360 Top 50 Hall of Fame company.


AT&T has launched a new AI tool to support employees and accelerate the company’s coding and software development.

The tool, Ask AT&T, is a generative AI tool employees can use to help write and refine code. The tool will soon be available in other departments to help support a variety of tasks and needs.

Currently, more than 30,000 employees have access to Ask AT&T. The company aims to give access to all management employees by the end of this month (September 2023).

“As AI and data science advance by leaps and bounds, we’re also ensuring that AT&T has a consistent target architecture across the board, with every part of the business accessing what we call ‘a single source of truth,'” said Andy Markus, Chief Data Officer. “In other words, everyone is using the same platforms and tools and using the same databases and software code. Harmonization keeps all of AT&T on track to achieve our overall goals.”

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