AT&T’s Corey Anthony on Investing in Black Futures

Originally published at Corey Anthony is AT&T’s SVP, Chief Diversity and Development Officer. AT&T is a Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Hall of Fame company.


At AT&T, we work to live our value to Stand for Equality every day, and that shows up in our support and efforts for both diverse and underserved communities across the country. This Black History Month, via our theme “Achieving the Dream: Investing in Black Futures,” the company is focused on how economic empowerment shifts outcomes for generations and how AT&T invests in the dreams of those with vision and creativity. No dream is too small to make an impact or too large to conquer, and AT&T is committed to helping make those dreams a reality every step of the way.

Throughout the month of February, AT&T will be sharing powerful storytelling centered on the journey of Seeing the Dream on our commitments to diversify our workforce, Connecting the Dream on our efforts to close the digital divide, and Investing in the Dream on the ways we’re providing economic empowerment opportunities for under-resourced communities. As a company with a vested interest in the future of both technology and the people who make and use it, AT&T is committed to helping individuals build and expand their dreams. Here’s what’s in store as we celebrate and recognize the Black community:

Seeing the Dream: While the nation is undergoing a massive shift in how and where we work, I’m proud of the work AT&T is doing with the OneTen initiative to hire, promote and advance Black Americans who do not have a four-year degree. We look forward to sharing more about how this relationship brings the right talent to companies like AT&T. Throughout the month, we will also be featuring our 2022 class of Black Future Makers– including our own talent here at AT&T – creatives who are shaping destinies and claiming the future and its possibilities.

Connecting the Dream: Across the country, millions of Americans don’t have access to internet connection, creating a digital divide that limits access to life-changing opportunities. Points of access like our AT&T Connected Learning Centers (CLCs), are helping address the homework gap in underserved communities, while also providing an opportunity to work with one of our Black suppliers, Overland-Tandberg, which helps provide economic empowerment within the Black community. This month, we will visit those CLCs to show you how we are working to address the digital divide, while also continuing our support for diverse suppliers.

Investing in the Dream: Our Dream in Black platform, where AT&T celebrates Black culture and invests in the community, will showcase inspirational stories from our 2022 Black Future Makers to show future generations what can be achieved. You’ll also see AT&T present in a community near you. Be on the lookout and get excited for the NBA All-Star Weekend, where we are sponsoring the HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) Classic game between Morgan State and Howard University and we will be announcing some important work with the NBA to support underserved communities in the Cleveland area.

The faces and stories, of creatives, employees and civic leaders who strengthen and advocate for the communities we all hold dear, are meaningful to the larger story of how dreams come true. We are honored to help lift their voices and work, and we support their resilience and drive as they bring to life their ideas. I hope you will join us in recognizing and celebrating their impact in the Black community and beyond.

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