Cigna Foundation’s Healthier Kids for our Future Initiative Announces $1 Million Grant to Address Childhood Hunger

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Cigna Foundation teams up with Feeding Children Everywhere to deliver groceries to underserved families at no cost

The Cigna Foundation today announced a grant of $1 million to Feeding Children Everywhere as the two organizations expand their partnership to reduce childhood food insecurity across the country. The donation is part of Cigna’s new $25 million Healthier Kids For Our FutureSM initiative.

“When we set out to reduce childhood hunger in the communities where we live and work, we knew the need was significant,” said Susan Stith, Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion, Civic Affairs, and the Cigna Foundation. “Food insecurity and lack of quality nutrition can create lifelong chronic conditions, and this program, by simply bringing groceries to those in need, will have an immediate impact on those who receive it.”

Through this $1 million grant, Feeding Children Everywhere’s Full Cart program will have the resources to provide underserved families nationwide with a box of groceries delivered directly to their homes, at no cost. The grocery box will include meal kits, common grocery items, snack foods, and even fresh produce. Full Cart gift cards will be provided to schools and community organizations to empower crisis counselors to provide assistance for families that need it most.

“Healthier Kids For Our Future is Cigna’s resounding call to action that together we can help end food insecurity in communities around the world,” said David Green, CEO, Feeding Children Everywhere. “Through the partnership with Feeding Children Everywhere’s Full Cart program, Cigna Foundation is providing the capacity to help millions of families with the nutritious meals they need for healthy lives.”

Earlier this year, Cigna announced Healthier Kids For Our Future, a $25 million five-year global initiative to improve the health and well-being of children. The program addresses three key areas of children’s health and welfare that align to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – good health and well-being, zero hunger, and no poverty. The first year of the initiative addresses the second goal, zero hunger.

Cigna Foundation is awarding up to $5 million over the next year to organizations working to reduce food insecurity, and nonprofit organizations are invited to apply for grants.

Regular access to nutritious and sufficient food is the starting point for a healthier, more productive life.1 More than 12 million children in America experience food insecurity1, which can significantly impact their physical and mental health2. Lack of quality nutrition can lead to physical and mental health problems, emotional and behavioral problems, and preventable chronic conditions.2


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