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Michael Miebach

Everyone gains and everyone has more opportunities when we build a world that’s inclusive. This is true for society at large, as much as it is for our company. Our business thrives when people and economies thrive.

Randall Tucker
Chief Inclusion Officer

Diversity, equity and inclusion at the systemic level is the necessary basis for us all to be able to reach our greatest potential. That’s why we believe in creating an environment where every voice is heard and every person feels valued. We are not only creating a more inclusive, just and equitable workplace, but also driving intentionally inclusive innovation to better serve our customers and communities. We believe that by championing diversity, equity and inclusion, we are contributing to a more resilient and more successful organization.

From the Company

We commit ourselves to enabling a workplace and a world where everyone feels they belong and unlocking potential for people everywhere. Because when no one gets left behind, when we move forward together, we can create limitless possibilities for all.

  • As a part of our journey to build an economy that works for everyone, everywhere, we are investing $500 million in Black communities over the next five years through our In Solidarity commitment, which connects Black communities and businesses to products, services, technology and support to help to close the racial wealth and opportunity gap.
  • The Touch Card by Mastercard was designed with accessibility in mind to bring security, inclusivity and independence to blind and partially sighted cardholders around the world. The Touch Card feature creates an accessible system of payment cards with unique, tactile notches — rounded for debit, squared for credit and triangular for prepaid — so anyone can identify their cards with just a touch.
  • Too much of our world was designed without women in mind – and without women involved. Even today, inequality and exclusion still hold women back. That’s why Mastercard is pushing our networks further, forging ambitious partnerships and championing the people, businesses and innovations that are transforming the way our world works.
  • As part of Mastercard’s True Name initiative, we continue to ease a pain point for many in the transgender community — enabling them to put their true name on their credit, debit and prepaid cards.