How Tech Company Layoffs Have Widened the Employment Gap for Women and People of Color

The recent wave of layoffs at tech companies has widened the employment gap for women and people of color in the tech industry, specifically Black and Latinx employees. 

Women, Black and Hispanic/Latino employees are already underrepresented in the tech industry, so when layoffs occur, they are more likely to be affected. According to data from Zippia, women make up 28% of the workforce in the tech industry while men make up 73.3% of it. White Americans hold 62% of jobs in the tech sector while Asian Americans hold 20% and Black Americans and Latinx Americans hold just 7% and 8%, respectively. 

These numbers show that there is a significant underrepresentation of women, Black and Latinx talent in the tech industry while white and Asian men are overrepresented. It’s worth noting that Asian Americans are still underrepresented at the leadership level in tech, especially when considering their overall footprint in the tech workforce. This lack of diversity has led to concerns about the lack of inclusivity and the perpetuation of bias and discrimination in the industry. 

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