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We believe that the interchange of diverse perspectives, like yours, is what brings innovation to life. And as the #1 company on Fair360, formerly DiversityInc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity List for 2018, we see that belief confirmed every day at Johnson & Johnson. After all, companies with diverse leadership teams report innovation-based revenue 19 percentage points higher than that of companies with below-average leadership diversity.

Right now, supply chain is a focus area of innovation for usand it’s an area where we’re particularly keen to bring diverse perspectives into the mix for the very same reason. (Scroll down to see a full list of the roles we’re hiring for today.) To hear more, we caught up with Laverne Bastress, Regional Account Director, Customer Management.

She explained why supply chain innovation is such a priority for us today and what Our Credo means to herplus, an exciting upcoming opportunity for you to meet with us in person and learn more.

Supply Chain Innovation: Drones, Diversity, “The Hulk” and More

One of the reasons supply chain innovation is such a priority for us is the ambitious environmental and sustainability goals we’ve set for ourselves. For one, we’re increasing the recyclability of our consumer product packaging. We’re also looking to lead an even more fundamental shift: rethinking waste as a catalyst for innovation in order to deliver greater value to our customers while operating sustainably.

These commitments are just one way we’re living up to Our Credo, which mandates “protecting the environment and natural resources.” And to do that, look at some of the supply chain innovations we’re exploring now:

  • Autonomous vehicle technologies like self-driving cars to transport consumer products
  • Drones that improve the accuracy of inventory management
  • Augmented reality (AR) tools to help workers locate products in warehouses
  • There’s even a one-of-a-kind “collaborative robot” so huge and green we’ve nicknamed it “The Hulk.”

Of course, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Ultimately, the success of our business depends on our continued ability to evolve and improve our supply chainand that’s where you come in. Only by continuing to drive supply chain innovation will be be able to provide the highest quality products and services, and do so in a way that aligns, both philosophically and strategically, with our social and environmental commitments.

What Our Credo Looks Like in Practice

Like many people at Johnson & Johnson, Laverne told us that the full meaning of Our Credo didn’t dawn on her right away. Instead, it was the moment when she saw the values inscribed on our wall put into practice.

“Very suddenly, I had to put everything down and travel overseas to care for my father,” she recalled. “And I had to coordinate so many things there, and I was trying to stay on top of my work responsibilities, too. But everyone at Johnson & Johnsonmy coworkers, my managerwas so supportive. They told me to take the time off I needed to care for my father.”

She added, “People were even reaching out to put me in touch with Johnson & Johnson facilities and resources in Jamaica,” where her father was recuperating.

It was the same collective spirit of compassion she saw last year as a spate of natural disasters, like deadly wildfires in California and hurricanes Florence and Michael, generated an outpouring of support from her coworkers.

“That six-month period was another moment when Our Credo really jumped out at me,” she said.

To aid victims of Hurricane Maria throughout the Caribbean, for example, Johnson & Johnson and its employees together donated more than $2 million in cash, products and supplies.

“The level of caring displayed by my coworkersthat was just incredible to see,” Laverne said.

Creating the Supply Chain of the Future Together

We’re committed to diversity and inclusion (D&I)and we know that when people from different backgrounds and perspectives come together, innovation thrives. So if you’re ready to help us build the supply chain of tomorrow, join us for our supply chain leadership recruiting event, February 26 and 27, at our world headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ. The two-day event is an opportunity to meet, network and interact with hiring managers, senior leaders, as well as representatives from our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

To attend the event, you’ll need to apply for one of the following roles.


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