KPMG to Discuss ‘How to Scale Agile & DevOps’ and ‘Production-Ready IaC Battle Scars’ at DevOps World|Jenkins World 2019

Originally published by KPMG

KPMG LLP professionals will be at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019in San Francisco, Aug. 12-15, to share lessons with the 2,000 plus attendees at the conference about all things DevOps and Jenkins.

KPMG’s Digital Enablement Managing Director Michael Wolf will discuss “All Heroes Die: How to Scale Agile & DevOps,” and Jeff Ardilio, Director of KPMG’s Experience Design & Engineering team, will present on “Production-Ready IaC Battle Scars and How to Win the War.”

In his short talk, Wolf will discuss the biggest blockers to scaling Agile & DevOps and how to best move past them. He will also discuss how to pull executives, leaders, culture, and tools forward to drive the entire organization forward, not simply a squad.

“Agile & DevOps transformations are often referred to as a journey, however organizations rarely know how to move this from a small group tour to a cultural migration,” said Wolf. “It is important to know how to best move past the biggest blockers to scaling Agile & DevOps and consequently winning the battle.”