KPMG’s Niven Huang on Corporate Governance Toward Sustainability

Niven Huang is the Head of ESG, KPMG Asia Pacific. KPMG ranked No. 6 on the Fair360 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2023.


Niven Huang, Head of ESG, KPMG Asia Pacific, shared his thoughts on corporate governance toward sustainability.

Huang was a panelist for the “Achieving Sustainability Through Corporate Governance and Portfolio Management” session during the Asia Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) Conference 2023. The discussion brought up the need for sustainability initiatives to be created from the blueprint of corporate governance and sound portfolio management.

There is a growing movement among companies to commit to ESG in their business, but it is easy to neglect the question of how companies can sustain sustainability, Huang said. Without fundamentals in place, companies may have trouble creating lasting social and environmental impacts.

“Where the world benefits, companies benefit even more. This is what corporate governance should articulate: that sustainability is the ingredient that can give businesses a competitive edge, and that it is sustainability that holds the key to any organization’s future,” Huang said. “As urgent as the conversation on climate change is, there must be quick and decisive action around it from the boardroom to the supply chain, or even value chain, all the way to workers on the ground: action that produces results, and meaningful impact.”

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