Mastercard: Inclusive Cities

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The future demands more inclusive cities.

Cities are the beating hearts of nations. They are the places where people and cultures collide, expanding perspectives, powering creativity and generating new opportunities. Pre-COVID-19 projections showed that two-thirds of the global population will be living in cities by 2050, up from 55% in 2018, according to the United Nations. And while that growth holds unlimited promise, it also comes with risk, especially in the post-COVID world.

Progress starts on the local level. Building a more inclusive digital economy involves partnering with all city stakeholders to drive growth and expand access to opportunity for all residents, paving the way for economic mobility and sustainable wealth creation.

That means designing technological innovations that power our cities – from 5G to AI to digital identity – in a way that meets all residents’ needs, regardless of socioeconomic class.

In November, the Mastercard Content Exchange will focus on how we can build and bolster that inclusivity around the world by employing innovative partnerships, leading-edge technology and critical insights, from helping New York City get back on its feet and attract more tech talent to exploring how transit solutions in the Czech Republic, Colombia and Chicago are expanding access to opportunities beyond transport. We’ll also be sharing insights from our first-ever virtual City Possible Summit November 10-11 about how we are advancing urban innovation and helping communities become more sustainable and resilient. We’ll highlight expert panels, case studies and urban tech from our growing network of more than 180 cities.

People are at the heart of every city, and any solution created should be made with the citizen at the center. If we leverage the superpower of collaboration, we can collectively ensure that no person is left behind. While the global pandemic is a unique moment, it’s not the first challenge most cities have faced. Cities always seem to find ways to come through these moments better and stronger. We’re eager to reimagine what’s possible.


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