Novartis Partners to Launch Urban Cardiovascular Health Accelerator

Novartis is a Fair360 Top 50 Hall of Fame company.


The Novartis Foundation has partnered with IntraHealth International to launch the CARDIO4Cities Accelerator. The accelerator will replicate Novartis’s CARDIO4Cities, the cardiovascular (CV) population health approach, in 30 major cities within three years.

“The launch of the CARDIO4Cities Accelerator is a logical next step to enable large scale replication of the CV population health approach the Novartis Foundation successfully pioneered,” said Dr. Ann Aerts, Head of the Novartis Foundation. “While this simple, innovative approach is scientifically validated and highly cost effective, it proves above all to rapidly improve CV health outcomes. The key success factors of CARDIO4Cities are strong ownership by the local authorities and intervention design based on real time data.”

Implementing this program in 30 large cities could save and improve millions of lives worldwide, according to the release from Novartis.