PPG Transforms School in China With New Paint for a New Start Initiative

PPG gave a colorful makeover to Caochang Primary School in Jingmen City, Hubei Province, China through the New Paint for a New Start initiative.

The global New Paint for a New Start initiative is part of the company’s Colorful Communities program, which aims to protect and beautify the neighborhoods where PPG operates around the world.

“PPG employees from every region are coming together once again to protect and beautify schools and learning spaces and inspire bright starts for students,” said Malesia Dunn, Executive Director, PPG Foundation and Corporate Global Social Responsibility. “For young students, every day is an opportunity for a new start to learn, grow and develop in a positive learning environment. We are aiming to help them start each day with a positive outlook and create joyful spaces where they feel supported and engaged.”

The company partnered with automaker SAIC-GM Chevrolet, launching a collaboration between Colorful Communities and the Chevrolet Red Chalk teacher support program for schools in rural regions. Thirty volunteers from PPG’s Automotive Coatings office in Hubei and SAIC-GM Chevrolet came together for the project.

“I would like to thank PPG and SAIC-GM Chevrolet for their great help and support, as they have brought us such an inspiring color scheme and beautiful mural painting,” said Wang Haifeng, principal, Caochang Primary School. “These vivid wall paintings give the entire campus a new look. Not only can they improve the culture of our school, but they can also stimulate our children’s enthusiasm to learn and create and help to make their dreams come true.”