SAIC Shares Investments in the Planet for Earth Day

Originally published on LinkedIn


This Earth Day is probably the most popular in history as society, government and the world has a renewed focus on making a difference. At SAIC, we are investing in our planet by delivering solutions to help prepare our customers for the future.

  • Present sea level rise analysis in geospatial maps to the US Navy to better plan their infrastructure.
  • Provide new insight into forest resilience and sustainability for pre-fire, during-fire, and post-fire analysis and decisions to the U.S. Forest Service to better predict and manage wildfires.
  • Build a geospatial system, with data such as Census, air quality, water, flooding and other environmental data for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to identify and understand the impacts of Climate Change on disparate communities.
  • Supply Mobile Wi-Fi on Wheels (MWoW) access to share geospatial data for
    first responders who may be involved in wildfire, flood, earthquake or other disaster situations.

What we do individually is as important as what we do as a community or a country.