Sanofi Provides STEM Education Programs to Somerset County Students

Originally Published by Sanofi.
Building upon the Sanofi commitment to supporting communities where it operates, and specifically enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education opportunities for young people, Sanofi is providing more than $80,000 in hands-on science programs to public school students in Somerset County.

Sanofi has partnered with New Jersey-based Students 2 Science (S2S), a nonprofit organization that was created to inspire, motivate, and educate elementary, middle and high school students to pursue careers in STEM, to conduct the programs. S2S accomplishes its mission by providing both in-person and virtual hands-on learning opportunities through two programs:

  • The ISAAC Program (Improving Student Affinity and Aptitude for Careers in STEM) provides students with authentic and rigorous STEM learning experiences in a state-of-the-art commercial laboratory setting outfitted with $4 million of scientific instrumentation and equipment. The lab provides middle and high school students with a valuable learning experience that encourages STEM literacy and learning.
  • The V-Lab Program is an interactive, hybrid, distanced-based learning program that provides a virtual collaborative communication platform linking S2S and participating schools. S2S teaches from its in-house studios and broadcasts into classrooms. S2S provides participating schools with the necessary science kits, lesson plans, and “how-to” videos, which all align to the Next Generation Science Standards.

“Students 2 Science programs provide an authentic experience. We challenge students with real life problems that they can relate to, which inspires and motivates them. We are proud to partner with Sanofi to bring our programs to Somerset County”, says Dr. Paul Winslow, Students 2 Science Co-Founder and President.

Sanofi employees will volunteer during the programs to enrich the experience for students. Volunteers facilitate experiments and serve as role models while introducing students to a wide variety of rewarding 21st century STEM career options.

“Sanofi is pleased to be able to bring the Students 2 Science program to Somerset County students, home to our US headquarters and many of our employees”, says Diana Blankman, Sanofi Head of US Corporate Social Responsibility, “Encouraging students to pursue careers in STEM fields is critical to support New Jersey’s innovation economy and ensure our country’s economic competitiveness.”

“Enriching students’ education with hands-on opportunities like this can spark an interest in science and STEM careers. I commend Sanofi for bringing this opportunity to Somerset County schools,” said Dr. Daniel Gallagher, Superintendent, Bound Brook School District.


Participating Schools:

  • Bound Brook School District
    Smalley School
    Community Middle School
    Bound Brook High School
  • Franklin Township School District
    Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School
  • North Plainfield School District
    Somerset Intermediate School
    North Plainfield Middle School
    North Plainfield High School
  • Somerset County
    Vocational & Technical High School
  • Somerset Hills School District
    Bernardsville Middle School
  • Somerville School District
    Somerville Middle School
    Somerville High School
  • South Bound Brook School District
    Robert Morris School