Stacey Abrams Once Again Vying To Become America’s First-Ever Black Female Governor

In what will likely be a repeat of one of the most highly publicized and closely watched elections in recent history, Democrat Stacey Abrams has announced that she will be running for Governor of Georgia again in 2022. It will be a rematch for Abrams as she will once again run against Brian Kemp, the Republican who beat her for the seat in 2018 in an incredibly close election.

Teaganne Finn of NBC News reported that Abrams, “the voting rights activist and former candidate for governor, took to social media [on Wednesday, Dec. 1] to announce her campaign ‘because opportunity in our state shouldn’t be determined by zip code, background or access to power.’”

“If our Georgia is going to move to its next and greatest chapter, we’re going to need leadership,” Abrams added.

According to Finn, “Abrams, a former state lawmaker, has worked on issues related to voting rights for a decade. She became a household name in 2018, when she lost her bid for governor, accusing Republicans of engaging in voter suppression mostly affecting Black voters.”

She has since become one of the stars of the Democratic party, especially in the South, helping to bring Black votes into the polls and contributing significantly to key Democratic victories in the state last year, including those of President Joe Biden and Senators ​​Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

Should Abrams win this time around, she would become not only the first Black governor ever elected in Georgia but also be the first Black woman elected as governor of any state in U.S. history.


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