Sysco Announces First Electric Vehicle Hub for Earth Day

Sysco Corporation has announced its vision for the Riverside Electric Vehicle Hub, one of the first electric vehicle hubs of its kind in the world.

The hub aims to transform the company’s distribution center into the focal point of its electrified fleet.

“This year’s theme for Earth Day is ‘invest in our planet’ and Sysco is doing just that. Our commitment is coming to life in Riverside as we break new ground on one of the first facilities of its kind in the world,” said Neil Russell, Chief Administrative Officer at the company. “Change of this magnitude requires deep collaboration and I want to thank our government and community partners who are helping bring our vision to life.”

The hub’s planned EV infrastructure will include 40 dual port DC fast-charging stations in support of 40 electric, class-8 vehicles and 40 electric refrigerated trailers.