TIAA ‘Never Run Out’ Ad Campaign Uses Humor to Promote the Benefits of Lifetime Income in Retirement

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TIAA launched a new brand and advertising campaign that takes a different approach to encourage people to think about how they are planning for retirement. Tapping into universally relatable experiences, the “Never Run Out” campaign uses humor and cultural moments to make thinking about and taking action with retirement planning more approachable today. 

The campaign’s new, integrated creative aims to connect with audiences on a personal and humorous level using everyday moments when things run out – from camera digital storage to cell phone battery power – to bring to life the benefits of TIAA lifetime income solutions, which guarantee income throughout retirement*. 

The campaign’s creative spots can be viewed at the following links: “ Childcare ,” “ Birdwatcher ” and “ Conversation. ” 

“We can all relate to the feeling of running out of things we love and rely on – whether it’s your favorite TV series or milk for your coffee,” said Mark Elliot, Chief Marketing Officer of TIAA. “We want to tap into moments like this and take a different approach with the retirement conversation. We recognize that many people are uncertain about their financial future. Instead of stoking that uncertainty, we’re using humor and relatable moments from everyday life to reach people, and to help bring a sense of dependability, even certainty, to something as important as how you live in retirement.” 

Having access to the right solutions that will enable them to enjoy a secure retirement is a top priority for many people. According to TIAA’s 2019 Lifetime Income Survey, 69 percent of working Americans cite having an income throughout retirement that is guaranteed to be paid for as long as they live as the most important goal for their retirement plan. In addition, 88 percent of people who own an annuity with guaranteed lifetime income say it positively affects their feeling of confidence about being able to be financially secure throughout retirement. 

TIAA Traditional is a unique in-plan annuity^ that provides guaranteed monthly payments that never run out, guaranteed growth and a “sharing the profits” approach#, which can help people feel more confident about their retirement. The “Never Run Out” campaign is running across TV, online video, social, digital, print and radio properties. It was developed in collaboration with The Martin Agency.    

For more information about guaranteed lifetime income and to find out who is eligible for TIAA’s in-plan annuity offerings, visit

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