Walmart, Sam’s Club and the Walmart Foundation Donate $750,000 to Kentucky Flooding Relief Efforts

Originally published at Walmart ranked No. 26 on The Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2022.


In times of crisis, we believe in stepping forward to help communities in need. And as we watched floodwaters rise in Kentucky, we knew it was again time to take action.

Hundreds of people — from our associates to community members who make our stores part of their daily routine — have lost their homes, lost power or lost access to clean water. That’s where we decided to place our focus.

Walmart, Sam’s Club and the Walmart Foundation have committed $750,000 in water, food and funding to organizations providing relief, and we’re working to make essential resources like showers and laundry available in our parking lots and supporting shelters.

Since last week, more than 20 Walmart trucks carrying water and essential supplies have arrived in some of the hardest-hit Kentucky communities. And there are more on the way.

With each delivery, our drivers and supply chain operators are carrying relief to places like Store 1247 in Hazard, Kentucky, where the promise of clean water and a hot meal can help restore hope to people who have suffered unimaginable loss.

Walmart drivers deployed the Mobile Relief Kitchen to prepare meals throughout the day, thanks to contributions from Tyson Foods and Bimbo Bakeries. Mobile showers were also made available, and people could do their laundry thanks to P&G’s Tide Loads of Hope. Additionally, to help stave off the higher risk of diseases and bacterial infections like tetanus and hepatitis that occur after major flooding events, we are offering vaccination events in four locations across the area.

At the heart of these relief efforts are Walmart associates.

Despite being impacted in the same ways as their neighbors, our associates continue keeping local stores open and running, understanding they’re fulfilling a need that is perhaps more essential in times of disaster than any other.

At Store 693 in Jackson, Kentucky, associates are working to provide essential services and supplies to anyone needing them. Community members and associates alike are welcome to use any available services at their local Walmart stores — and are encouraged to share available amenities with friends and neighbors.

As part of our commitment to serving the people and communities of Kentucky, we’re providing grants to several relief organizations with the power to help.

The American Red Cross is standing up shelters for people who have lost their homes, or whose homes have suffered damage. Team Rubicon is providing cleanup, debris removal and clearing roadways damaged by flooding. The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky is supporting emergency relief and recovery efforts in the area with direct assistance to individuals and families.

The people of Kentucky face a long road to recovery. But as always, we believe in the power of community and will continue our work to support our associates, families and friends as they rebuild.


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