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Jeffrey J. (JB) Brown
Jeffrey J. (JB) Brown

We’re rooted in our deep beliefs in the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion and equality for all. Where I’ve been very vocal is the importance of having a strong culture and really ensuring that all of our 11,500+ teammates at Ally feel safe and empowered to be their authentic selves.

Reggie Willis
Reggie Willis
Chief Diversity Officer

It’s not just about bringing difference and diversity into our workplace and trying to get them to assimilate. It’s really about living our core values of doing it right — building a culture of inclusion and then allowing the space for those differences and those voices to be heard. Our goal is to have our 11,500+ employees feel like they are understood and are treated with care.

From The Company

Ally takes deliberate steps to weave DE&I through its core business operations, including human capital efforts, all the way through the employee lifecycle. In 2022, we expanded our implementation of unconscious bias mitigation and awareness training to help leaders and team members across the organization understand the impacts of unconscious bias on our decision-making processes. Every employee has a specific culture-related performance objective, which includes a strong focus on DE&I. For all executive leaders, annual performance objectives and reviews include a specific focus on representation and diversity trends within the workforce.
Also in 2022, Ally hit a major milestone with its employee resource groups. In just five years, 50% of all Ally employees are members of at least one of the company’s eight ERGs. Beyond our ERGs, our Technology Organization also launched two diversity-focused groups that explore the obstacles to inclusivity that exist specifically within the technology industry. These two groups were Women in Technology (WiT) and Black and Brown in Technology (BBiT). Our objective with these groups is to foster a workplace environment where all employees have a sense of belonging and know their opinions count.
Ally has stayed committed to inclusion that emphasizes representation transparency, accountability, and action for our employees. As of year end 2022 our gender representation is approximately 51% men and 49% women. Approximately 22% of employees are Black/African-American, 9% are Asian and 8% are Hispanic/Latino, which represents a year-over-year increase in each category. We increased representation of women and people of color in our manager and above roles, and redesigned programs to create more opportunities for early talent.

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