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Brian Cornell, CEO, Target
Brian Cornell

“At Target, diversity, equity and inclusion are a part of our core values. They shape our culture and drive our business. We approach diversity, equity and inclusion with the same rigor as any business imperative and, simply put, we believe diverse and inclusive teams are the most successful. Our focused DE&I strategy, which dates back nearly two decades, has helped us recruit and retain more diverse team members, offer more products from diverse suppliers, direct our philanthropic spending to communities of color and more. As we build on this longstanding focus, we’re committed to using Target’s size, scale and resources to create positive and sustained change – for our team, our guests and our communities.

Kiera Fernandez, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and SVP, Talent & Change at Target
Kiera Fernandez
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and SVP of Talent & Change

Making a positive impact on Target’s team members, guests, and communities not only reflects the dedication we have fostered during our 17-year DE&I journey, it also echoes our commitment to building a more equitable future for all. We believe in ‘growing the circle’ – a shared accountability where we all play a role in shaping a culture of inclusion that is sustainable and allows everyone to thrive.

From The Company

For 17 years, Target has had an established diversity, equity and inclusion strategy with a long-standing commitment to data-driven progress for our team and business.

We set DE&I goals every three years, which have helped us recruit and retain more diverse team members, offer more products from diverse suppliers and direct our philanthropic spending to communities of color. Last year, we reported meeting or exceeding almost all of our goals from 2019 to 2021.

In 2022, we introduced new three-year goals to deepen our impact, focused on representation, advancement and retention, equitable team member experience and Target’s business. We have already made significant strides. Representation of team members of color and women in leadership continues to increase across the company. We continue to grow our roster of diverse suppliers, deepen our assortments with more culturally relevant products and accelerate our spending with diverse media.

Our progress also includes launching the Roundel Media Fund, offering more than $25 million in paid media to increase exposure of diverse-owned brands, launching and then expanding the Target Scholars program for students at HBCUs to $10 million, and increasing our investments with Black-owned businesses and suppliers by 50% since 2020.

At Target, we view DE&I as a journey with no endpoint. There’s more work to do, and we’re committed to continue elevating equity and belonging for our team, guests and communities.

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