What It Means To Be Net Zero and How Companies Are Working Toward It

It’s Earth Month, which is a time to increase awareness about climate change, the state of the environment and what needs to be done.

With a focus on sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies, companies play a large role in the future of the earth by creating goals and target dates for achieving certain environmental milestones. 

For many companies, one important goal is to become “net zero” by a certain date, whether it’s 2040 or 2050. There are two types of net-zero goals: one is net-zero carbon emissions and the other is net-zero emissions. Net-zero carbon emissions means that net-zero carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere from an activity. Net-zero emissions aim to “balance the whole amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) released with the amount removed from the atmosphere,” according to PlanA Academy.

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