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Noel Wallace, CEO of Colgate-Palmolive
Noel Wallace
Chairman, President and CEO

We believe deeply that our diverse teams and inclusive culture let all voices be heard and encourage everyone to contribute their best. This is critical to achieving our purpose as a caring, innovative growth company reimagining a healthier future for all people, their pets and our planet.

Derek Gordon, Colgate-Palmolive
Derek Gordon
Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

Our goals around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are clear. First, we want our company to reflect the diversity of the world we serve. Second, we will ensure that everyone who works at our company feels they belong and can succeed. And third, we will leverage our global reach to promote diversity among our partners and help underrepresented people in our communities thrive.

From The Company

Colgate-Palmolive is a caring, innovative growth company that is reimagining a healthier future for all people, their pets and our planet.

Colgate commits to being recognized as a leader in global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by Colgate People, customers, consumers, shareholders, industry peers and global communities.

The primary objective is to ensure that Colgate People around the world feel that Colgate is a place where they belong. This means they can be their authentic selves, feel treated with respect by their colleagues, personally impact the business and achieve their potential based on their capabilities.

Rooted in Colgate’s values of Caring, Global Teamwork and Continuous Improvement, the focus points of Colgate’s Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy are people, community, supplier diversity and communication. Through this strategy, the Company will continue to become a more diverse, inclusive and equitable organization by implementing policies, learning experiences and processes that promote awareness, empathy, advocacy and opportunity for all people.

The strategy will be realized by ensuring manager accountability for creating inclusive teams, driving a culture of allyship so that our people are active change agents and being transparent in our goals and progress to ensure that we, as a broader organization, can be held accountable.

Led by the Senior Team, all Colgate People are part of a global community, committed to working together across countries and throughout the world. Cross-functional collaboration and unique working experiences provide rich careers that attract and retain world-class talent. Only by sharing ideas, technologies, talents and perspectives can the Company achieve and sustain profitable growth while building innovative products that delight customers.

Colgate has committed to driving sustainable change in the communities in which we live and work by increasing our active support for organizations that advance civil rights and champion urban education, including programs that support the advancement of Black and African American people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). To begin, we are investing to deepen our commitment to Black and African American communities, while continuing active support for programs that advance women, Latinxs, Asians, LGBTQIA+, veterans and people with disabilities

Colgate’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are driving employee engagement through meaningful programming and are fueled by the support of the senior team. The ERGs provide opportunities for cross-functional leadership and professional development for Colgate people at all levels This helps to optimize their potential and overall contribution to the business. Workplace activities also include celebrations with cultural themes, as well as forums/programs that promote cultural diversity and awareness.

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