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Mark Greatrex

“Diversity and inclusion have always been an integral part of our company’s mission and values. We thrive on what makes us unique, and we are all stronger when we bring together different perspectives to drive innovation and results. By championing diversity and inclusion from the top down, our teams function as agents of change in the communities we serve, striving to help people live more prosperous lives through better access to technology, education, job skills, social and environmental equity.”

Kia Painter
EVP and Chief People Officer

“I believe in being your authentic self at work, fostering an environment where every voice is valued and where our uniqueness is celebrated. It makes us stronger for our customers and our communities.”

From the Company

Cox Communications is a family-owned company committed to creating more meaningful moments of human connection through technology. Cox has a longstanding relationship with Fair360, having participated in the benchmarking process for over 15 years. Our commitment to inclusion and diversity was solidified nearly 50 years ago, and we’ve seen firsthand that a diverse workforce leads to increased creativity and innovation, closer customer and supplier relationships and attraction and retention of the best talent.

Some of our key successes include:

  • Launched a new ID&E council structure to enable closer alignment and consistency across our regional councils.
  • Integrated all Cox companies’ ID&E initiatives into our parent company Cox Enterprises’ Center for Inclusion.
  • Increased our communication and awareness of ID&E topics with the launch of a new intranet site.
  • Launched the Inclusion Connection Hub, which provides all employees with ID&E resources to build shared language and common understanding of ID&E principles.
  • Aligned ID&E council structure, goals and objectives around our enterprise-wide ID&E strategy, which includes Fostering Inclusion, Promoting Talent Equity, Delivering Positive Impact and Fueling Innovative Solutions
  • Expanded our self-identification campaign with a resulting large increase in participation.
  • Continued to act on employee feedback received through all-employee surveys.