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David Calhoun
David Calhoun
President and CEO

Our company’s success and innovation is driven by how we work together and live our values in everything we do. This includes prioritizing and measuring equity, diversity and inclusion as business imperatives that are vital to achieving better business outcomes. We are making progress, we are seeing how inclusion makes us stronger collectively, and we are resolute in our commitment to continue improving.

Sara Bowen
Sara Bowen
Vice President, Global Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Over the past year, we’ve made progress on our diversity and inclusion commitments and have seen firsthand how inclusion makes us better. We remain steadfast in our resolve, for we have found that when we support each other, when we seek diverse perspectives and listen with curiosity, we achieve the unimaginable. As we celebrate the progress we’ve made, we also recognize there’s so much more to do to ensure all teammates feel represented and included.

From The Company

At Boeing, our purpose is driven by our people. Equity, diversity and inclusion are crucial to all of us: our employees, our stakeholders and our communities. These principles are also foundational to our social sustainability goals and our business success as they are critical drivers of quality, safety and novel invention. While we’ve made progress, we also recognize that there’s much more to do.We know that being a truly equitable, diverse and inclusive company requires a commitment to our team members and communities across the globe. It means meeting people where they are and acknowledging that we may need different things to bring our best selves to work. As we build the best team and talent at Boeing, we are committed to creating an environment in which every teammate is respected, valued and inspired to contribute to our shared success.This year, we shared our diversity metrics for the second time and publicly reinforced the steps we’re taking to improve. Guided by our values, we will press forward on the challenging and necessary work ahead of us, and we will report our progress every year.