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Tetsuo Ogawa, CEO Toyota, North America
Tetsuo Ogawa
President and CEO

“Toyota is committed to a diverse and inclusive culture and engagement in the community. Our core philosophy of Respect for People—whether through mentoring, education or experience—nurtures the development of our company’s current and future workforce, with a focus on pathways to opportunity.”

Tellis Bethel, Toyota Group Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer
Tellis Bethel
Group Vice President - Social Innovation, Chief Diversity Officer

“Diversity and inclusion is at the cornerstone of Toyota’s strength as a company. We each have a role to play in growing the capabilities of our industry. D+I ensures that all are invited to bring their talent, skills and ideas as we work towards our vision of mobility for all and for a more equitable society.”

From the Company

Foundational to Toyota’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion is our philosophy of Showing Respect for People, which recognizes the value of every employee and celebrates their unique perspectives and backgrounds. Critical to sustaining our inclusive culture is creating access to opportunities through workforce development, employee engagement and investment in the community.

In the past year, Toyota has expanded its reach of Driving Possibilities, which focuses on Pre K-12 education to provide students with access to rewarding careers, including opportunities in the auto industry. The long-term initiative aims to close educational gaps for students through innovative, hands-on STEM programming while addressing the essential needs of students and families. As part of a five-year, phased rollout, new sites have launched in Toyota operational communities in Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Arizona and North Carolina.

In 2023, Toyota Business Partnering Groups (BPGs) grew to 126 chapters nationwide and launched our 14th affinity, SAGE (Supporting Adaptive Generational Experience), which is committed to knowledge-sharing across generations and roles. Additionally, the ToyotAbility BPG organized the first-ever Disability Pride Month for Toyota in July to align with the group’s focus on raising awareness and creating opportunities for persons with disabilities. Toyota also celebrated five years of Diversity and Inclusion (D+I) Month in 2023 with the continued theme of “Uniquely Toyota, Uniquely You” to provide opportunities for team members to celebrate D+I.