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Jim Vena

“Union Pacific has a great history, built by people from all walks of life. We are proud of who we are, and we know being inclusive of everyone is the right thing to do.”

Debra Schrampfer
Chief Diversity Officer and AVP Workforce Resources
“We are proud of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. However, we must continue to challenge ourselves every day to create a workplace where all our employees feel valued, welcomed and inspired. It’s more than a mantra. It’s passion, action, change and courage.”

From the Company

At Union Pacific, we believe diversity fuels creativity and innovation, and we are steadfast in our vision of building America while recognizing the importance of building our own community.

In 2020, we set aggressive diversity goals to increase our people of color population from 29.4% to 40% and double our female population to 11% by 2030 while maintaining our standards of hiring and promoting based on merit. We have made steady progress in our overall demographics and in our four critical diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) pillars: People, Practices, Philanthropy and Procurement. To further our mission and reach our goals, we continue to do the work needed to develop candidate pools that reflect broader market availability and create an environment of belonging.

Union Pacific is proud to lead an effort to ensure equal pay for people of color and women. In 2023, we hired a third-party compensation expert to assess our pay practices. The expert found no statistically significant differences in pay across gender or race. In 2023, we launched a “living library,” giving our employees the chance to “check out” their colleagues and learn about their unique life stories, including stories about adoption, loss and neurodiversity. Over 5,000 employees have participated.

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