Conservative Columnist Jerry Bowyer Questions Tech Giant Oracle’s Commitment to Faith-Based Diversity

In a column for The Christian Post, investment manager, author and columnist Jerry Bowyer has called out multinational computer technology corporation Oracle, questioning the company’s commitment to religious liberty and whether the organization truly considers faith-friendliness part of its ongoing pledge to diversity and inclusion. It’s a problem he says plagues many companies that focus on some “more popular” aspects of diversity but not the concept of diversity as a whole.

In the column, Bowyer writes: “In my capacity as someone who consults on the creation of stock indices, and also in my capacity as personal investor, I have attended roughly three dozen annual shareholder meetings of publicly traded companies. U.S. companies that are publicly traded (meaning available to the general public to buy on open exchanges) hold annual meetings for their owners. At these meetings, members of the board of directors are elected (typically reelected), outside auditors are approved, various resolutions are voted on by shareholders, and questions are taken… sort of.”

Bowyer shared his recent experience at an Oracle shareholder meeting, claiming the company said it had answered all the questions asked by those present, when in fact, it had ignored the question he asked — which in this case was about religious liberty.

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