One Expert’s Advice on How To Keep Supplier Diversity Programs From Failing Black-Owned Businesses

Despite a flood of promises to support Black business owners over the past year, many corporations are failing in their efforts to support social justice reform and improved diversity and inclusion programs. In fact, according to Denise Hamilton, an Inclusion strategist, keynote speaker, and the founder of Watch Her Work, a multimedia platform closing the achievement gap for women, “more than half (53%) of Black business owners report that their revenue dropped by at least half since the pandemic began, compared to 37% of white owners.”

According to Hamilton, one of the pain points was the lack of support for supplier diversity programs, where companies can’t seem to step up to the commitments they’ve made and continue to woefully underperform.

In a column she penned for the Harvard Business Review, Hamilton offered her five tips for helping to make promises of increased supplier diversity support not only more achievable but also the cornerstone for increased corporate profits and success.

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