The Growing Importance of Neurodiversity in the New Era of Work

As we talk about diversity in 2022, neurodiversity and the different ways people process information must become central to every organization’s DEI strategy.

More research into learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, dyscalculia or dyslexia has been properly documented more in recent years. However, clear data on the prevalence of these conditions is hard to come by as some individuals may never receive treatment — some individuals may even be misdiagnosed. But for organizations of significant size, the odds that someone within the ranks is afflicted by one of these conditions are pretty high.

In the past, the work model provided a lot of on-site or in-person trainings where people could ask questions, learn in groups or find various other ways to seek out instructors for one-on-one coaching that resonated with them. The post-COVID-19 reality has shown the benefit of remote or hybrid work for both employees and employers alike. However, the remote-work “new normal” does present a challenge in how employees receive information, absorb training and learn new approaches.

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