The Language of Job Descriptions and What They Say About Your Organization

Words matter, and if there has ever been a time when that’s evident — that it isn’t just what you say, but how you say it that matters to people — that time is now.

In an era of tremendous turnover and skepticism from potential job candidates, the image employers create for themselves and how they maintain their reputation comes through in everything they put out into the world. Candidates are in a position where they can be hypercritical and willing to wait or move into entirely new industries rather than take a chance on an employer that they don’t believe they’d be happy with.

There’s no shortage of resources providing advice on how to word your job descriptions and postings to be more inclusive and ensure that you’re not pushing away diverse candidates before the conversation has even started. But beyond getting your job descriptions right to ensure they aren’t discriminatory or biased, it’s important to think about what they say about your organization to the discerning eyes of job seekers.

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