The New PTO: How to Ensure PTO Days Remain Inclusive

As employees battle burnout, isolation and the temptation to move onto a new challenge, paid time off (PTO) policies are one of the benefits that can turn heads or create loyalty for those considering participation in the Great Resignation.

However, PTO policies are quickly evolving, and practices that were in vogue just a few years ago are changing rapidly due to COVID-19 and the growing desire for personalized benefits. You may be thinking of adding some PTO days to your offering, but before you do, you’ll want to consider how to make these as inclusive and beneficial to all your employees before moving ahead.

A Diversity Focus for PTO

Personalized PTO policies can be a valuable tool in engaging employees from different cultural backgrounds for whom the federally observed holidays may not be something they identify with. Additionally, employees may wish to take time off to be with loved ones during holidays that aren’t part of the federal holiday calendar.

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