2024 Top 50 Survey Prep

The Fair360 Top 50 Companies survey is the ultimate assessment of workplace fairness in corporate America. In this Top 50 survey prep webinar, Erik Moyer, Director of Reporting and Analytics at Fair360, offered insights into changes to the 2024 edition of the survey and addressed common questions regarding survey completion.

Highlights from the Session

While survey completion is required for consideration for a spot on the Top 50 Companies list, organizations do not have to compete to benefit from completing the survey. 

“[The survey is] free and will now be open 365 days a year,” Moyer said. “While we have our Top 50 Companies annual list … if you prefer not to be recognized, you have that option. But by taking the survey, every participating company that completes its submission receives a free report card regardless.”

Moyer also provided guidance on handling Top 50 survey questions where the requested data is not available.

“Note that when we process the data, there’s no distinction made between zeros and nulls,” Moyer said. “When we’re scoring any affirmative answer or any non-zero answer, that adds to your score.”

He added that blank responses cannot negatively impact a company’s score. While participants should try to provide as much information as possible, they should not be afraid to offer null answers if they do not have the requested data. 

“There is no data you can enter that would decrease or detract from your score. That’s the methodology we use to assure participants that they’re being judged fairly. Any data that is not within the scope of their own internal system doesn’t count against them,” he said.


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