2024 Top 50 Survey Prep

The Fair360 Top 50 Companies survey is the ultimate assessment of workplace fairness in corporate America. In this Top 50 survey prep webinar, Erik Moyer, Director of Reporting and Analytics at Fair360, discussed how to prepare for the survey and what’s new in the 2024 edition.

Highlights from the Session

Moyer discussed changes to the 2024 survey to assist company leaders in their Top 50 survey prep. Such changes are designed to provide better comparative data and make it easier to complete the survey.

“There’s been a number of questions removed,” Moyer said. “There are also some new questions added that we’ve noted as best practices and have incorporated into the survey. Also, note that we offer two templates. They are Excel templates for human capital metrics, as well as talent capital metrics for your talent programs. You’re welcome to either enter data directly into the Momentive platform or to use these templates. This allows for convenient offline collaboration.”

Regarding collaboration, Moyer highlighted how the Momentive platform allows for delegating specific survey responses to multiple employees.

“You can add as many collaborators as you like,” he said. “Say you have folks in philanthropy, supplier fairness and human resources. You can extend access to all of them.”

To facilitate cooperation in completing the survey, participants can specify the kind of access they want to give to each employee.

“For some executives, you may want to offer them view-only access so that they can review it without worrying about multiple folks entering conflicting data,” Moyer said. “You can also include a message if need be to send the scope of how you’re interested in them participating.”

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