2024 Top 50 Survey Prep

Webinar Date: November 20, 2023 – 03:00 PM ET

Linda Bell
Head of Content at Fair360
Erik Moyer, Director of Reporting and Analytics, Fair360
Erik Moyer
Director of Reporting and Analytics at Fair360

The Fair360 Top 50 survey is the ultimate assessment of workplace fairness in corporate America.

In this webinar, Erik Moyer, Director of Reporting and Analytics and Linda Bell, Head of Content at Fair360, spoke about the 2024 Top 50 competition, including program eligibility and platform navigation. Click here to start the 2024 Top 50 survey.

Highlights from the Session 

“Completing the Top 50 Survey gives companies access to comparative human capital data,” Bell said. “It gives you a free report card and assesses your performance compared to other companies in six key areas, like leadership accountability and talent programs.”

As Bell explained, this data is also valuable in evaluating the effectiveness of inclusive talent management and recruiting.

“The workforce is evolving and all this information can be very informative,” she said.

Moyer discussed ways companies can help improve the Top 50 survey’s efficacy. The supplementals, he said, are an opportunity to expand on programs and initiatives that might otherwise go unnoticed. Those answers provide insight that Fair360 can use to develop a more detailed survey in future years.

“Give yourself credit and acknowledge all the good things that you’re doing outside of the survey data,” Moyer said. “That way, next year, you will be accredited appropriately.”