2024 Top 50 Survey Prep

The Fair360 Top 50 Companies survey is the ultimate assessment of workplace fairness in corporate America. In this survey prep webinar, Erik Moyer, Director of Reporting and Analytics at Fair360, and Dana Adamczyk, Senior Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at Abbott, discussed how to prepare for the survey and what’s new in the 2024 edition.

Highlights from the Session

Moyer highlighted some of the changes to the Top 50 survey for this year that make it easier to complete.

“The assessment has been considerably condensed this year, reducing completion time,” Moyer said. Additionally, respondents can enter human capital metrics manually or use an Excel template for easier input.

New in 2024, the platform allows companies to save and recall answers from the previous year.

“If you go to your survey from last year in the portal, you will see a link that’s been added recently. It has all the information that you need, so you can just copy and paste that,” Moyer said.

This allows companies to focus on newly introduced initiatives from the last year.

“You can pick up where you left off last year,” he said. “Then, just focus on improvements or any change in practices.”

Adamczyk stressed the importance of robust, detailed answers to get the most out of the survey data.

“Whatever you put into the survey is what you’re going to get out of it,” she said. “Make sure you take advantage of the supplemental upload so you can paint a fuller picture of your programs and initiatives.”

The information the survey provides makes those details worth the time and effort, Adamczyk added.

“It’s best to put the time in upfront to make sure all of you’re information is complete and accurate,” she said. “Then you know that what you’re getting back is something that’s going to be actionable.”