Acknowledging Jewish American Contributions: A Spotlight on Jewish American Heritage Month

Jewish Americans have played a significant role in the development, expansion and success of the United States since the nation’s founding. Employers can honor their contributions by celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM) in May. Part of that effort should involve addressing antisemitism in the workplace and acknowledging the achievements of Jewish Americans. 

Jewish Americans first settled in what became the United States in 1654 in New Amsterdam, which later became New York City. They played a key role in many pivotal moments in U.S. history, including founding the American Red Cross, writing the poem affixed to the Statue of Liberty and serving in the Armed Forces (more than 500,000 fought during World War II alone).  

But the month is not meant to serve only as a celebration of Jewish American accomplishments. The focus of Jewish American Heritage Month is to “strengthen our communities and promote a sense of belonging, shared civic life and deeper understanding of cultural heritage,” according to the event’s official website. 

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