Fair360’s Recruitment and Hiring Playbook: 4 Strategies to Effectively Source Diverse Candidates and Build an Inclusive Pipeline

Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Best Practice’s “Recruitment and Hiring Playbook” is an insider’s guide for talent acquisition teams that provides insights on fair hiring practices, as well as tips on organizational support and accountability. Read part one here and check back soon for more insights on these essential concepts in diverse and inclusive recruiting.

Ask any talent acquisition professionals, and they’ll tell you the same thing: sourcing diverse candidates to fill an open position is always a challenge. The ability to hire talent at scale, on time and within budget requires proactively and strategically building a diverse talent pipeline. It’s not easy, but as with any challenge in the corporate world, it can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

For starters, always remember that sourcing quality candidates takes time. It’s a process that builds on itself and grows over months and years. The sooner you start identifying the necessary talent and making those connections, the easier it will be to bring them on board when the time is right. Although nobody can predict the future, there is great value in proactively building a pipeline of candidates who have the potential to join your organization when the right opportunity is available. This strategy will help when positions become available because the talent acquisition team will have candidates on standby with whom they have built relationships.

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