Half of Company Workers Aren’t Engaged Because They Never Hear from Human Resources Again After Being Hired, New Study Reports

A receptive, communicative human resource department is essential not just for onboarding new employees but also assisting with career growth, promoting inclusion and fielding employee concern over issues ranging from bias to inadequate pay. A new report, however, has cautioned that numerous corporate human resource departments across the U.S. are failing the very workforce they’re supposed to be supporting.

In a study titled the “National Employee Journey Survey,” corporate communication company Evive surveyed 500 full-time employees working across a number of different industries, asking them about their interactions with their current human resources departments.

In a press release after the study’s publication, Evive revealed the biggest finding from the report: half of all the men and women surveyed said that once they were settled into their new job and onboarding was complete, “HR never checked in on them after their orientation period to make sure things were going well.”

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