How To Embed Accountability in Your DEI Efforts and Why It’s Critical for Long-Term Sustainability

In 2022, accountability for your DEI programs is as important as any language or philosophy behind it. For all the good intentions and grand promises, it’s meaningless if leadership teams are not held accountable when initiatives don’t receive the support they need or organizational culture doesn’t evolve in a way that fosters success for DEI programs.

Like any other tactic, DEI initiatives require a strategic mindset and measurable targets that drive impact not just representation but also inclusion, pay equity and a sense of belonging within the organization.

Accountability is crucial as it creates the sense of importance needed for DEI efforts to succeed. On a foundational level, if no one is accountable for results, there is little to no incentive for things to get done. To ensure that your DEI efforts are built on a foundation of accountability, we’ve outlined a few things you’ll need to do in support of all your DEI efforts.

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