People on the Move: Derek Hill, New CEO of Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC

Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC, the Raleigh, N.C.-based privately held manufacturer, seller and distributor of PepsiCo-branded products, has announced the retirement of Paul Finney. He served as President and CEO of the organization from 2012 to 2021. In Finney’s place, the new CEO will be Derek Hill, who has worked for more than 30 years within the Pepsi System.

In a statement following the announcement of his appointment, Hill said of his predecessor: “Paul has strategically positioned PBV into the industry-leading bottling company that it is today. He is highly admired and will be greatly missed.”

He also added that “PBV prides itself as a top bottler and distributor of some of the most recognizable consumer beverage products in the world. I am honored to accept the role of President and CEO and look forward to many great years of continued success for our business, our customers, and consumers.”

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