People on the Move: PwC Appoints Will Jackson-Moore As Its New Global ESG Leader

PwC (a Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Hall of Fame company) has named Will Jackson-Moore its new Global ESG Leader. He will help PwC continue to roll out ‘The New Equation,’ a strategy to improve efforts in sustainability both within the company and with clients.

Before attaining this role, Jackson-Moore served as PwC’s Global Private Equity and Sovereign Investment Funds leader. His client-oriented experience will translate into his new position.

“ESG is the defining business issue. Our global footprint gives us the opportunity — and responsibility — to help answer the challenge at scale,” Jackson-Moore told PwC in a press release. “Every aspect is important, but right now the urgent need is to move beyond strategy and deliver the practical steps needed to tackle climate change. The focus has to be on net zero transformation of businesses and their supply chains, mobilizing sustainable capital, enhancing resilience against climate risks and delivering robust reporting on progress. I am excited about helping our people create value by delivering sustained outcomes for our clients and stakeholders.”

PwC’s latest efforts in sustainability include providing ESG training for over 100,000 employees and creating centers focused on furthering ESG developmental strategies.