Workplace Fairness Trends to Watch in 2023

Recent weeks have seen layoffs announced around the corporate world with greater regularity than fluffy press releases about community initiatives. As companies begin trimming their workforces and fortifying their positions for a recession, there’s a handful of trends that are worth keeping an eye on for their outsized impact on workplace fairness.

Workplace Fairness for the In-Person, Hybrid, Remote Experience

The pandemic shifted us toward remote work being the norm, but as Americans look at a post-pandemic reality, whether it’s over or not, what the workplace looks like continues to be a topic of debate.

The fact is, there really is no putting the proverbial cat back in the bag. Most skilled workers now feel that a significant portion of their day-to-day jobs could be done from a location of their choosing. Companies that provide that flexibility are going to fare better than those who insist on forcing people back into commutes and cubicles. Among those that maintain flexibility, there’s another issue to concern themselves with: the employee experience of people not in the office.

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