Webinar Recap: Instilling Gender-Neutral Practices in the Workplace

Webinar Date: April 19, 2023 – 03:00 PM ET

Linda Bell
Head of Content at Fair360
William (Bill) E. Miller
Financial Services and Insurance Audit Partner at KPMG
Dana Stevenson
Lead System Architect (Fraud Detection) at Wells Fargo

The use of pronouns can be a confusing topic for some, creating tension in the workplace. Pronoun misuse can cause employees to feel discriminated against and reduce a sense of belonging, even if the misuse wasn’t intentional.

It’s crucial for leaders to implement education and raise awareness to help make the workplace an inclusive environment. In this session, panelists discuss the importance of authenticity at work, how to train employees, the role of employee resource groups (ERGs) and more.

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