The Key to Successfully Onboarding LGBTQ+ Employees

Webinar Date: June 14, 2023 – 03:00 PM ET

Danielle Hess
Danielle Hess
Senior Digital Copy Editor at Fair360
Leslie O’Harrow
Trusted Solutions Partner – Shine Network at PwC

Onboarding is a crucial step in the employee lifecycle, as it sets the tone for the experience to come. It also plays an important role in creating a sense of psychological safety for new hires to self-ID.

For LGBTQ+ employees, onboarding is essential to understanding how the company supports them and how inclusive the organization’s benefit structures are.

In this webinar, Fair360 Senior Digital Copy Editor Danielle Hess and Leslie O’Harrow, Trusted Solutions Partner – Shine Network at PwC (a Fair360 Hall of Fame company), discussed the best ways to onboard LGBTQ+ talent in a way that makes them feel seen, valued and supported.

Highlights From the Session

When asked what key takeaways and actionable steps organizations can implement to improve LGBTQ+ equity throughout the employee lifecycle, O’Harrow said: “The key takeaways are fostering that inclusive environment and communicating your commitment to equity, both internally and externally. And year around, not just in the month of June that we currently find ourselves in.”

O’Harrow also highlighted inclusive benefits offered by PwC: “We also want to highlight benefits as a part of the onboarding process, particularly around family formation, adoption, fertility and gender-affirming benefits. Sharing these benefits, especially ones that are LGBTQ inclusive, can really go a long way in fostering a culture of inclusion and demonstrating that we’re committed.”